3Dprinting and Maching Platform


    As an advanced manufacturing technology, 3D printing is playing its own unique advantages and participating in the competition of traditional manufacturing industry. For a long time, 3D printing is printing model, some samples, solve the personalized, small displacement problem, however, with the continuous advancement of technology and 3D printing materials breakthrough, 3D printing is moving in the direction of the development of the mass, and began to have a profound impact on the traditional manufacturing industry.

   We focus on the material selection, model design, product realization, process technology and equipment of 3D technology.

    Our self-designed models are mainly used in biocompatible animal testing tools, magnetic resonance compatible devices and tools, and some decorative items.while fully meet the needs of the experiment, both the choice of material and model optimization, in order to realize the benefit maximization.

//Ventilator model  //Optical path fixing       //stereotaxic         //Micromanipuator          //trophy       


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