Non-human Primate Facility Platform


With a total of 500 square meters, the mission is to develop nonhuman primate (NHP) models to accelerate scientific discovery and medical advances. The center is at Huajiachi campus, one branch of Zhejiang University Laboratory Animal Center (located in ZiJinGang campus).  

The center houses 3 species of monkeys (Macaque, marmoset, squirrel monkey). Currently, there are over 100 monkeys in the center. The primate facility is outfitted with primate housing rooms, quarantine rooms (separate from housing rooms), a surgical facility, steam and gas sterilization room, drug storage room, and a pathology room. The facility is monitored by a video monitoring room. All investigators that use monkeys must have an animal protocol approved by the university IACUC and the local ZIINT IACUC. To gain entry to the facility all users must pass the TB test and undergo training for safety and ethics.

--Review protocols
--Facility maintenance
--Maintain animal facility records
--Monitor compliance
--Training classes


Experimental animal center of Zhejiang University