Visual Development and Cognition Lab

Ye Li


Professor: Ye Li. CV


Dr. Li obtained his MD degree from Peking University Health Science Center in 2002 and his Ph.D. in Neurobiology with Drs. David Fitzpatrick and Leonard E. White from Duke University in 2008. His graduate work and a brief period of postdoctoral work at Duke focused on the role of experience in the development of orientation/direction selectivity in ferret visual cortex using in vivo intrinsic imaging and two-photon imaging. In 2010, Dr. Li joined Dr. Yang Dan’s laboratory at Howard Hughes Medical Institute/University of California, Berkeley for his postdoctoral training. Using two-photon imaging combined with viral and molecular techniques, he demonstrated that cell lineage also plays an important role in specifying the neuronal circuits for orientation preference in the mouse visual cortex. More recently, Dr. Li has been developing techniques to perform chronic two-photon calcium imaging and electrophysiological recordings in awake behaving animals. Dr. Li will join ZIINT as Principle Investigator in May, 2015.